Price: 21,10,000

Model  6000- 280 Series Gold, Silver and precious metal analyzer
A remarkable high performance EDXRF analyzer for trace element analysis
Gold assaying, precious metal analysis and basis metals
Includes software, cables and connectors|
Concentration range                             2ppm to 100 %
Repeatability                                        RSD0.05%  Au90% 
Sample type                                          Solid, powders, liquid
Elements of interests                           Au, Ag, Pt, Pd 
Basic metals                                         Ni, Cu, Zn 
Tube voltage                                         5KV ~ 50KV 
HV unit                                                  0 ~ 50KV     Spellman(USA)  
Tube current                                         0μA ~ 1000μA 
HD camera                                           Included
DMCP                                                  Included
Sample chamber Dimensions             310*280*60mm
Test time                                                30sec ~ 100sec 
Software                                                Anaspec-Htek-FP 
Instrument weight                                31Kg 
Typical Applications
‘      PMI
      Gold Karat assays and identification
      Determination of Carat values
      Alloy analysis
      Electroplating liquid analysis
      Perfect for all types of sample, metal, jewelry and finished products

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