A versatile SAXS/WAXS/GISAXS genius

  • Excellent resolution and SAXS/WAXS/GISAXS data quality in a short measurement time
  • Brilliant X-ray beam with high spectral purity
  • Scatterless beam collimation and the latest hybrid photon-counting (HPC) detector technology
  • Versatile sample stages for covering many SAXS/WAXS/GISAXS applications
  • Innovative design and spacious sample chamber to meet all your experimental needs

Brilliant features for all needs

  • TrueSWAXS – simultaneous small- and wide- angle scattering measurements at scattering angles up to 60° 2Ѳ
  • Optional WAXS detector module for simultaneous SWAXS measurements with stationary sample holder
  • Auto-detection of configuration and sample stages

Full experimental flexibility

  • Dedicated point-collimation system with a highly-brilliant X-ray beam specifically suited for analysis of anisotropic samples and nanostructured surfaces
  • Optional fully integrated dual microsource with easy switch over between Cu and Mo radiation for covering various SAXS applications
  • Optional high-performance set up with fully integrated Ga MetalJet source by Excillum
  • Versatile sample environment for any applications, including GISAXS studies, SWAXS measurements under controlled temperature, humidity, tensile stress, pressure, etc.
  • High-throughput screening of liquid and solid nanostructured samples

Powerful control and data analysis software

  • SAXSdrive™ – full system control for automated SWAXS experiments
  • SAXSanalysis™ – simple and fast data processing using customizable templates
  • Dedicated software for advanced SAXS data interpretation

Technical Specifications

X-ray source Microfocus X-ray source (Cu, Mo), optional dual source
Optional Ga MetalJet source
X-ray optics and
Custom-designed optics (fully evacuated)
Advanced scatterless beam collimation (fully evacuated)
Sample stages/
  • TCStage temperature-controlled stages
  • GISAXS stage with heating option
  • Tensile Stage with heating/cooling option
  • Humidity Stage
  • Autosamplers for multiple solid and liquid samples
  • Customized stages on request
Special featuresTrueFocus: self-alignment with X-ray beam
TrueSWAXS: simultaneous SWAXS studies up to 60° 2Ѳ
StageMaster: XYZ stage with auto-recognition of sample stages
Temperature range
-150 °C ... +500 °C, ± 0.1 °C
 Vacuum, air, inert gas, humidity
 (reactive gases on request)
Sample holders 

  • Quartz capillary for liquids
  • LPS (Low Parasitic Scattering) Cell
  • Sample holder for solids
  • PasteCell for viscous and powder samples
  • RotorCell for sample spinning
  • High-pressure cells
  • μ-Cell for small sample volumes
  • FlowCell/TubeCell for automation
Measurement time< 1 minute to 30 minutes (typical)
0.025 nm-1 to 49.0 nm-1
200 nm > d > 0.13 nm
SoftwareSAXSdrive measurement and acquisition software
SAXSanalysis data processing and analysis software
Advanced data interpretation software (PCG)
Dimensions (footprint)2.7 m x 0.9 m (L x D)

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