XRD TD-3500

X-Ray Diffractometer
Model TD-3500

This is very versatile diffractometer and provide all solutions in very affordable prices. This may be equipped with all types of attachments which are applied for Qualitative and Quantitative Phase Analysis, Crystal Structure Analysis, Material Tissue Analysis, Macro Stress Determination, Microscopic Stress Determination, Crystal Size Determination, Small Angle Scattering System, Degree of Crystallinity Determination, Preferred Orientation Determination (Texture Analysis), Parallel Beam Optics for data measurement on thin films. For complete studies download brochure.

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Data Search Match Software from Germany with latest database Which is fully capable for the characterization of Metals and Alloys, Mineral, Rock Samples, Clays, Pharmaceutical, Forensic Materials, Plastics, Chinaware, Ceramics, Fibers, Thin films, Polymers.

The Data Search Match Software can be integrated with JCPDS and User database.

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