1.     Vertical multifunction high precision goniometer: the minimal step size is 0.00025°. mechanical repeatability excels 0.0006°. θ-2θ goniometer could be selected, which is fit for normal powder and massive solid samples.

2.     Easy use and convenient maintenance: the sample is set horizontally because of the vertical goniometer. The sample is more conveniently put in. the sample stage is more conveniently cleaned up. The goniometer could not be polluted and the precision of goniometer is not influenced.

3.     High performance: the report of customer operating instrument for 8 months could be provided. The standard deviation of diffraction angle of αSiO2 is better than 0.0015°.

4.      Attention to the design of security mechanical: cabinets design and goniometer shutter using a chain institutions, has not yet specified the location of X-ray can not be opened, to prevent leakage of X-ray.

5.     A variety of option can extend system functionality: in accordance with the purpose of analysis, you can choose parallel light film annex, texture annex, high temperature annex, φ scanning and a variety of optional accessories.

Specifications of All Models

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