NanoBlitz 3D

NanoBlitz 3D Fast Indentation & Property Mapping for Nanoindenter
NanoBlitz 3D utilizes the InForce 50 Actuator to perform 3D map testing on materials with high E (>3GPa) with a Berkovich tip.  NanoBlitz will perform indents in under 1 second per indent up to 10000 indents (300×300 array), and will provide E, H, S at a specified load for each indent in the array.  Indentation spacing is 200nm when used with the NanoFlip system or 2 micron spacing when used with iNano or iMicro.  NanoBlitz utilizes a constant strain rate method, and is provided with Visualization Software and Data Handling capabilities.

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Available on:

  • iNano
  • NanoFlip