Scratch Testing

Scratch Testing for Nanoindneter
Scratch testing involves the application of a constant or ramped load to an indenter while moving across the sample surface at a specified velocity. Scratch testing can shed light into numerous material systems including thin films, brittle ceramics, and polymers to name a few. Nanomechanics, Inc. offers the ability to perform scratch testing on the iNano, iMicro and NanoFlip nanoindentation systems. Some of the features of scratch testing include:
Multiple indenter geometries (Berkovich, Cube Corner, Spheres)
Pre-test and post-test surface topography scans
Indenter tip protection
Cross-profile topography
Friendly software user interface with data analysis.

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Available on:

  • iNano
  • iMicro
  • NanoFlip
  • InSEM