Nanomechanical Actuator for Nanoindenter

The Nanomechanics InForce actuators utilize patent-pending voice-coil force generation and capacitive displacement measurement to achieve the best dynamic range in the industry.
With 50mN of force, the InForce 50 enables a wide range of compressive, tensile and nanoindentation testing. The dynamic characteristics of the head mean that low-noise, stability and closed-loop control are inherent to the design, whether operating in quasi-static or dynamic modes.

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  • Displacement measurement: capacitive gauge
  • Displacement range: 50 microns
  • Displacement resolution (electronic): 0.02 nm
  • Typical noise < 0.2 nm
  • Load application: coil/magnet
  • Maximum Load: 50 mN
  • Load resolution: 3 nN
  • Typical Noise < 200 nN
  • Loading column mass: < 150mg
  • Typical indenter normal stiffness: 80 N/m
  • Damping coefficient: 0.05 N-s/m
  • Typical resonant frequency: 140 Hz