• Gold Testing Machine Model AU 900K, Electronic Digital Gold Tester in Pakistan


Pawnbroking, Jewelry Industry, Banking Industry, Jewelry Testing Center, Mining Industry, Precious Metal Recycling, Precious Metal materials Researching Laboratory, etc.


These series instrument is the dramatic updating and upgrading products. Compared with other competing products, it has been focused on enhancing weighting resolution, simplified operation procedure and operation method, upgraded software application function, improved reliability of measuring result. offer respectively three content measuring model for Gold, Platinum, Silver and one alloy measuring model;


No need to bundle samples. Following value can be displayed precisely and quickly with only two procedure:

(1)  Karat value, percentage content, density, weight for gold

(2)  PT value, percentage content, density, weight for platinum

(3)  S value, percentage content, density, weight for silver

(4)  Percentage content, density for other alloy.

(5)  Density, weight for all kinds of solids materials.


Measuring Type:

Precious metals such as Gold, Karat Gold, Platinum, Silver.

Mixed Metal or other Alloy Metal.

Jewelry materials such as Ring, Necklace, Bracelet, Watchband, Belt Fastener, Gold Ingot, Gold Bar, Statue, Coin, etc.

Important Notes:

Please consider the following points before purchasing:

(1)  Products which are inside hollow

       -  If the hollow section is closed, water or other liquids can't get access into the samples, can't be tested

       -  If the hollow section is opened, water or other liquids can get access into, the samples can be tested

(2)   Products set with precious stones can't be tested

(3)   Products of which the density is very close to precious metal can't be tested



  • Distinguish whether the Gold, Karat Gold, Platinum, Silver, other precious metal is the genuine or not.
  • Test the purity of Gold, Karat Gold, Platinum, Silver to confirm if the marked content is correct or not.
  • No need to cut samples to measure
  • Can shift to measure Karat and purity percentage of Gold-Silver-Copper, Gold-Copper, Gold-Silver respectively.
  • Function of density measuring and normal gram scale.
  • Either water or alcohol would be as medium.
  • Function of setting actual water temperature.
  • Adopt completed injection molding PC sink (L*W*H)(15.3 cm*10.7 cm*9.3 cm)
  • Including RS-232 interface to connect PC and printer. AU-40 is optionally available to print result.
  • Adopt injection molding windproof dust proof shield;Convenient configuration;Better durability.
  • Power supply:AC 100V-240V; 50HZ/60HZ (Europe standard)
  • Weight/packing size:4.5kg/length 42.5cm X width 17.5cm X height 32.5cm

Measurement Resolution and Range:

  • AU-300K weighting resolution:0.005g,minimum weight:4g,density resolution:0.001g/cm3
  • AU-600K weighting resolution:0.005g,minimum weight:4g,density resolution:0.001g/cm3
  • AU-120K,200K weighting resolution:0.001g,minimum weight:2g,density resolution:0.001g/cm3
  • 900K,1200K,2000K,3000K weighting resolution:0.01g;minimum weight:5g;density resolution:0.001g/cm3
  • K value range:9k,10k,11k,12k,13k,14k,15k,16k,17k,18k,19k,20k,21k,22k,23k,24k and % percentage content.
  • Platinum content range:PT600,PT650,PT700,PT750,PT800,PT850,PT900,PT950,PT1000 and % percentage content.
  • Silver content range:S600,S650,S700,S750,S800,S850,S900,S950,S1000 and % percentage content.
  • The proportion of copper-silver for gold-silver-copper can be shifted cyclically with 9/1,8/2,7/3,6/4,5/5,4/6,3/7,2/8,1/9.the default setting is 7/3.


Measuring Procedure:

(1)Place sample on testing board to measure weight in air,press ENTER key.

(2)Place sample into water to measure weight in water.Press ENTER key.result will be displayed.


Standard Accessories:

(1)  Host
(2)  Sink
(3)  Measuring plate
(4)  Tweezer

(5)  Thermometer
(6)  Weight

(7)  Windproof Dust Proof Cover
(8)  One Set of Measuring Granule Accessories

(9)  Power Supply


Anti-Counterfeiting Announcement:

The bad and good products is intermingled on market today.Most customers had suffered a lot from the brand replacement products,shell brand products,simulation products,and transferring after-sale service products.To protect your rights,please identify seriously when choose goods.Following is the method to distinguish QUARRZ brand product.


  • Method one:Start up,machine will display in sequence:brand,model(such as QUARRZ,AU-300S)
  • Method two:After starting up,press ZERO button and B button at the same time,the machine will display in sequence:brand:model,factory number.of which information correspond to the one marked on machine.
  • Method three:Check security code that generate automatically by machine number.


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Gold Testing Machine Model AU 900K, Electronic Digital Gold Tester in Pakistan

  • AU-900K

  • Delivery 1 - 3 Weeks at Your Doorstep

  • PKR 262,000

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