ET3916-16 Multi-Channel Temperature Data Logger

 Comprises of 5 inches industrial true color display LCD display screen;
High speed and high performance 32 bits ARM microprocessor, fast response speed; It supports multi channel signals’ acquisition, recording, display, alarm;
Each measurement module supports measurement of 8 channels, the max to 64 channels; Modules quantity can be equipped according to customers’ requirement.

  1. Support 4/8/16/32 multi-interface real-time numerical display, support cylindrical chart, real-time curve to display the measurement data.
  2. The data can be displayed at most 6 bits, and the display range can be from -999.99 to 9999.99
  3. Equipped GB2312 Chinese Character Library with full input method;
  4. Each channel supports parameter setting separately( including upper/ lower alarm, temperature calibration, display unit) and arbitrary naming;
  5. When the measured temperature excesses upper/ lower alarm, it will alarm (optional: relay alarm output Module)
  6. Real-time clock: adopt hardware real time clock, lithium battery power; the max time error is ±1 min/year
  7. Each channel is isolated, disturb of high frequency and isolated voltage peak value reach 400V
  8. Supports thermocouple measurement: J, K, T, E, S, N, B, R
  9. The 8GB FLASH memory chip is used to store historical data, and the data can be exported through the U disk;
  10. Measurement speed for option: slow speed: 1 s/channel, medium speed: 0.5 s/channel;
  11. Measurement Range: 60mV
  12. Accuracy: 0.05% FS
  13. Temperature Display Resolution: 0.1°C
  14. Cold Compensation Accuracy: ±0.5°C
  15. USB HOST and USB DEVICE communication port; USB HOST to export the historical data through UDisk; USB DEVICE to communicate with computer;

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Multi-Channel Temperature Data Logger ET3916, Desktop 16 Channels

  • ET3619-16

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