• Heating Element MoSi2, 1700°C, U-Type, Overall Length 393mm

In stock, Next day delivery. MoSi2 heating elements are resistive heating elements based on molybdenum disilicide. The molybdenum disilicide heating elements prevents the inner core from oxidation by forming a compact quartz glass coating at the surface under high temperature. The temperature generated by MoSi2 goes as high as 1700-1830C in oxidation atmosphere. They can be widely used in such applications as sintering and heat treatment on electronic ceramics, structural ceramics, magnetic materials, flameproof materials, glass, metallurgy, etc. The resistance of the heating elements is independent on their mission time. The MoSi2 heating elements hardly age, which allows the mixed use of new and old packages. After long time use in lower temperature around 400-700C, the element will get powderized due to intensified oxidation at this temperature range.

The product includes series 1700 grade, 1800 grade. Packaging is available in U shape, W shape, Straight shape (X shape), bend shape (L shape), Round shape, Spiral shape, M shape. The dimension ranges from 3/6,4/9, 5/10, 6/10, 6/12, 6/14, 7/14, 8/16, 9/18 to 12/24mm.

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1.  Overall Length (L) = 393mm, Cold Zone Dia. (d2) = 10mm, Hot Zone Dia. = 6mm, A ~ 37mm

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Please mention the following required parameters:

  1. Length of Heating Zone ( I)
  2. Length of Cold Zone ( I)
  3. Diameter of Heating Zone ( d
  4. Diameter of Cold Zone ( d)
  5. Length of Aluminum Spray (White Area) Optional Parameter ( n )
  6. Overall Length ( L ) 
  7. Shank Width - Center to Center Length ( E )
  8. Quantity

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Heating Element MoSi2, 1700°C, U-Type, Overall Length 393mm

  • Material: MoSi2, Type: U

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